sábado, 2 de setembro de 2017

Marble Zone copyright problems

Marble Zone music is now Emerald Hill Zone and it now belongs to ICE_CS and not SEGA. OMG!

Sonic 2 Music Copyright

Sonic 2 Boss theme is now Emulator from Audiocore.  I was tricked this whole time thinking that it was an original SEGA composition. Tsk tsk...

Copyright Claim on Unknow from ME

Now the Issue is with some OFFICIAL remix of Unknow of ME . The remix and this Tatayama is quite alike but not that much.

I really hope SEGA take care of it. 

Escape from the City Copyright Claim

The classic Escape from the City now belongs to Ricardo Silva and not for SEGA. That is very bad. Why SEGA would sell their music from Sonic Adventure 2? Let's take a look at...more clues!

Problems with Sonic Copyrighted Music

According to Youtube the music 7 Rings in Hands is now named Forever Young and it belongs to all these companies but SEGA.

That sure is annoying and I want SEGA, Sonic Social Media  and Aaron Webber to take care of it. It already is annoying being a Sonic Youtube because of the non character popularity on Youtube and now we have to deal with these.

sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

Videos do Sonic 18 +

Você gostaria de ver mais videos do Sonic 18+ (provavelmente sim, pois os unicos dois deram mais de 3 mil visualzações em menos de 48 horas. )